The Only Traditional Bali Village Retreat...

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Have you been to Bali?
Not Kuta, not Legian, not Nusa Dua, not Seminyak, but experience the (asli) Real Bali. Full of Karma , tradition, culture, respect, family values and hard working, happy, caring

Balinese village life , in its real form as followed for thousands of years, still exists and is not usually seen by tourists, the reenactments on display are good but the real thing can be lived not just watched.

There is one place in Bali where you can live Balinese life, the name says it all, “Äsli Bali Villa” ( the real Bali in English).

You can relax by the pool, have a massage in the traditional wedding room with beautiful wood carved framework and ceiling, walk through a real village, ride a bike through rice fields, observe village ceremonies, and learn the art of making offerings and participating in temple ceremonies in the villa. Everything is explained in good English by a traditional Balinese village head man.

The Villa is built to Balinese tradition and every part of construction has been blessed to ensure happy and safe stays for all guests and staff alike. The comforts of western styles are there to, including, Air conditioning, Television, modern luxury bathrooms and bedding. You are always attended by polite staff whenever required it. But it is not like other holiday resorts. You get to know the staff and are treated like family, a relationship that is built on respect and good karma that is expected to be reciprocated by guests.

Wayan Sila has owned and farmed the site of the Villa since his teenage years And has over 20 years experience in tourism, speaks very good English and can explain to the finest detail every aspect of Balinese life.

Due to Wayan's status in the village the villa provides entertainment that is not just for the tourists, it is the real gatherings of the villagers to practice, traditional music, dance, crafts and ceremonies. These are all conducted in their traditional form and explained to the guests as they are conducted, not polished performances for the mass crowd, just real Bali life that you become a part of and not just witness. Wayan will also arrange day trips to all the usual tourist sites and escorts you in his modern air conditioned vehicle to any destination you request, then back to your own villa paradise by night. Don’t look for other tourists in the village because they are not there, you will be the only ones seeing the real Bali.

From the moment you get picked up at the Airport or other resort, you will feel special, not just a tourist but a part of a Balinese family. Real Bali, Real ceremonies, Real village life and real interaction with real Balinese.

As you walk through the rice fields you will see people working the fields just as they have done for many generations, they may stop and look at you as much as you are looking at them, but a quick smile and nod of the head is always returned with the same greeting and they return to work. They are happy to be photographed but do want to keep working, they are not on holidays.

There is several walks you can do from the villa, Through the rice fields (located next door to villa), through the village and also to a recently discovered waterfall this waterfall walk is not for the faint hearted, is very steep and can be quite slippery but that’s the real Bali.

Once you reach the waterfall it is beautiful and well worth the effort, of course a quick swim is needed to really recover from the walk, but swimming in a freshwater pool at the base of a waterfall is not a bad recovery.

Asli Bali villa pool is the reward for the trip home, again a very nice recovery.

The Villa is located approximately 1 hr from the airport, when booking for the Asli Bali Villa experience; you find this includes transport to and from the villa to the airport.

Once at the villa you will find you are in the middle of all the favorite tourist hot spots. Bali zoo, Ubud Townsite, Temples, elephant riding, White water rafting, blue lagoon, snorkeling, fishing tours and Visiting the Beautiful water palace to name a few. Most are within 40 minutes’ drive and you avoid the half hour of harassment by vendors and dense traffic.

The day out on a tour with Sila tours are excellent and can be arranged with Sila when booking or on a day to day basis. Sila is very accommodating and will ensure not only your stay but also your adventures are well catered for; after all it’s his villa and his family working the Villa.

Free shuttles to Ubud are available on request. You can venture out to the local night market and eat traditional foods with the locals at local prices. Shop for clothing and shoes at local prices or head back into the madness of Kuta and pay tourist prices if you prefer.

In an evening you can watch the flat screen televisions with international internet channels available in every room,
  • Surf the internet with free wifi,
  • Swim in the beautiful villa pool,
  • Sit and relax,
  • Book to have a traditional massage onsite,
  • Eat local fruits and cuisine,
  • Partake in real ceremonies,
  • Discuss the culture, history of the area with Sila or a local with an interpreter
  • or just sleep in the beautiful quiet.

The beautiful quiet may include sounds of real village life such as pigs screeching as they are fed, roosters singing or ceremony singing, but that is the real Bali. Short lived noises to ensure you know you are not at home, you are in Asli Bali. Drinks by the pool looking at the night stars are a fantastic way to spend your time; no drunken obnoxious tourist required here, they are more suited elsewhere. The Villa is designed for true luxury, peace and quiet with your every need catered for in a respectful and friendly manner.

Staff is there to make your cultural holiday dreams come true not be your slave.

Have a massage in the Traditional Wedding Room

The service is better than in any other Villa, so why not enjoy the culture and leave your hustle and bustle attitude at home.
If the attitude of the guest is not in keeping with the culture of respect and dignity to all other guests and the staff, the offending guest may be asked to leave. This is the real Bali, not a hotspot for loud parties and bad behaviour.

Guests are welcomed and become part of the extended family that own and run the Villa, just like a guest in a Bali home would be treated. This family is respected in the village by all and this respect is extended to the guests by the village. They have lived there since the establishment of the village and are now part of the Balinese plan to maintain the culture in the village; they are involved in the maintaining the teaching of the Balinese language, the Hindu religion, the cultural dance and practices of the traditional Balinese people.

The Villa is built to uphold Balinese tradition, wedding room, high priest room and temple in the north eastern corner of villa, all construction has a material sign
displaying that it has been blessed by Hindu priest as has been done for thousands of years The name is not just a western gimmick to attract customers, this is ASLI BALI. (The Real Bali)